Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time is strange

Okay, so here I am.  It's the beginning of September, and I've hardly given a thought to my blog.  Of course, when I did, I couldn't remember my username and password.  I'm lucky I stumbled on the correct combination of stuff.  Hopefully I'll remember for next time, but it's unlikely.

I was supposed to work at Merlino's today, but they didn't have any work for me.  None at all :(
So, I'm off for the day.  Hope to be a bit more diligent about writing stuff in the future.

I just spent some time writing a lengthy post about everything I did this summer.  When I reread it, I thought, "who cares?"  It doesn't have enough detail to be truly interesting and it's all in the past.  So, in the spirit of keeping it relevent, here's minutae:

Our front door handle has been broken forever.  Whenever someone opens the door that's not aware of the problem, the handle comes off in their hand.  They always have this look of surprise and panic on their faces, which of course makes me react with anger and shock.  I usually act like I had no idea it was broken and blame them.  If it's a repairman that just finished working (and boy, have we had a lot of repairmen with this house), then usually I quote him the same amount in damages as he just charged me.  Yeah, I know, I'm a regular laugh riot.

At one point I made a concentrated effort to fix it, and went to the hardware store.  They gave me a whole bunch of different pins to try.  I came home, tried them, and of course none of them worked.  We had a contractor at our house, and I asked him to fix it.  "Oh sure, no problem, next time I'm here." That never happened.

So yesterday I casually mentioned to our electrician that it would be great if HE could fix it, ha ha.  He did - in 5 minutes.  That thing has been broken for a year.  I was so happy, I wrote him a personal check.
So now our door handle works AND I have a new overhead fixture in the dining room.  Not bad for an afternoon.

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