Tuesday, April 19, 2011

feeling that spring vibe

It's Tuesday and it's beautiful outside.  I feel crazy inspired to redo my entire front yard.  I bought a bunch of vegetable seeds and herbs.  I want to plant a bunch of berry bushes.  I want to keep honey bees. 

My babies are sitting happily in their swings, refusing to sleep as usual.  Today has been crazy productive already, with food, baths, physical therapy, call to oma.  I just need to keep going.

I need to start recording more funny stuff that Marilyn says for posterity, so please put up with it here in the blog.  We were playing barbies yesterday, and Justin Bieber kept falling in love with girls, only to have Prince Eric take them away.  One girl was mean to him so I said she wasn't nice and had ugly hair.  Marilyn's doll responded, "yeah, I've got diarrhea hair."

Last night when I was putting her to bed, she told me she was upset because she hadn't spent enough time with her tiger.  He's a small white stuffed animal.  I told her to bring him to bed with her.  She started crying, and told me she couldn't.  Why not? "Because he won't sleep with the Christmas lights on.  He'll stay awake!" 

She's always coming up with crazy names for her dolls and for me when we're playing.  The other day my name was Mother Dog Weather.

Playing barbies a few months ago, she had me ask her doll to go shopping at the mall.  "I can't.  I have a business dinner, and I have to make my boyfriend fall in love with me."  Big schedule.

Every night she wants me to give her a massage now as I say "Goodnight little girls".  She moans loudly the whole time.  She told me the first day after the massage, "You got rid of some of my bones when you rubbed my back.  Two of the them.  Two of my bones are gone.  It's okay, though.  I don't need them."

We're planning a trip to Hilton Head for two weeks this summer, but some of the houses are ridiculously priced.  I'm not paying $7500 for a week at the beach.  We're going for two weeks.  So I can buy a car or go on a two week vacation? That's retarded.  Mom suggested I check out this vacation club they belong to.  I'll do that this afternoon.  She also told me about garden supply.com.  Can't wait to check it out.

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