Wednesday, September 14, 2011

crazy garden

So I broke my kindle.  I'm such a dope.  I was cozy in bed.  I threw the covers aside to go tell my husband something.  I came back.  I knelt with my left knee on the bed, and heard a pop.  It was the screen of my kindle.  I was so sad.  Even though the screensaver was half gone, I was optimistic that if I held the reset button long enough, everything would be fine.

It wasn't.

Completely off topic, but I was browsing the web, and found this kicka@@ photo.  A woman covered a bunch of rocks with crochet tablecloth, and it looks so flippin' cool.  You've got to check the link.

I live in a pretty conservative neighborhood, but I have big plans for my front yard.  I was fearful at first, then I decided life's too short.  I cut down a few big trees, and I'm installing lots of raised garden beds for veggies, and lots of flowers.  Now I want to incorporate rocks dressed in doilies.

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