Friday, November 4, 2011

Awww crap.

So I was either drunk or high, when I *ASKED* if I could take on the challenge of making donkey ears for every kid in Marilyn's class.  That's right.  22 freakin' pairs.  I guess I was feeling energized and slightly manic when this seemed like a good idea. 

Let me explain.  They are putting on a show for the parents in 10 days.  The teacher sent out a plea for someone to take this on.  Like any good parent, I ignored it.  Then a week later she sent out another plea, for someone, anyone to make 22 pairs of donkey ears.  I feel like as a mom, especially a mom of a kindergartener, that I need to do my part throughout the school year.  I'm not the room mother.  I didn't volunteer to go on any field trips, and I haven't baked anything.  So this came up, and I thought, why not? How hard can it be? I'll just look online for directions to make donkey ears and do what they say.  So I asked the teacher if I could take charge. 

Lord help me, there is just about nothing on the internet.  There are people that have posted requests for directions on making donkey ears. 

I've looked at pictures of ears.  I know I want to attach them to a headband.  HOW am I supposed to attach them? Next year I'll just be the crappy mom that doesn't do anything for the class.  Shoot me now.

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