Monday, October 17, 2011


Each of our children has had something pretty cool happen in the last couple of weeks.  Marilyn came running into our room, "I don't know what happened, but my tooth fell out!" Apparently she was styling the hair of her My Little Pony, and holding the rubber band in her mouth.  She accidentally pulled the tooth.  When I looked in her mouth, she has 3 or 4 adult teeth coming through on the bottom.  Two have broken through the gum, and she has another crazy lose tooth next to the one she lost (her bottom middle two teeth.)

As for the other monsters, Jake and Sadie both started walking behind their push toys.  Jake made several laps of the house.  Sadie, I'm convinced, only did it, because Jake did.  She went about 10 feet, with her feet as far apart as she could get them.  The next day, Jake spent a lot of time crawling behind the toy, trying to keep it away from Sadie.  Since then, there hasn't been any walking.  At least I know they're capable.

Marilyn is starting to read more and more.  When I read her a Dr. Seuss book, I stop at words that I think she knows, and she reads them.  So we wind up each reading have a sentence.  I'm so proud of her!

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